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Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Your Book is waiting for you.

Your voice is valuable. Your ideas are impactful. But the income doesn't match, because the book you've been sleeping on is waiting for you to write it.

Don't worry you can go from a blank page to a best-selling book fast with the tools you learn in the Write Now Course.

Are you ready to turn your passion for storytelling into a published reality? Look no further! Our groundbreaking AI Writing Course is specifically designed for beginners like you, empowering you to go from idea to a published book with confidence!

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Avoid Mistakes

Learn the three biggest mistakes self-published authors make and how to avoid them.

Leverage your Knowledge

Use what you already know to turn your ideas into income.

Build Your Brand

Stand out as an industry expert with your best-selling book.

Don't Let Fear Stop

You anymore

The number one reason people don't write and launch their books is fear of failure. This anxiety keeps our ideas stuck in our heads instead of the hands of our readers. We can help you get over that quickly!

Rather you want to create fiction or non-fiction books our team will help you write captivating chapters, develop marketing plans, and provide the blueprint to build your brand based on more than a decade in the industry.

Join us to discover

  • Become an author fast with AI
  • Learn the basics of building brilliant books
  • Discover how to sell lots of books even with smaller audiences
  • Self-publishing secrets for new authors
  • Lifetime course access + QA Session

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Write Now

This class is hosted on Zoom on June 7, 2023, from 6-9 PM Est. The event includes a live course, Q&A session, digital workbook, and lifetime course access.


The live Virtual Event is only a $97 investment.

Registers here.

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Remember, this course is designed specifically for aspiring authors who are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights. So, whether you're a subject matter expert, an entrepreneur with a powerful message, or someone with a unique life story to tell, our AI Writing Course is your pathway to becoming a published author.

Don't hesitate of let another year of thinking about it pass you by. This is the year, and the time to write you book and share it with the world. Let' us help you do it Write Now.

Join us today and unleash your writing potential!

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